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GCT provides MiDAS training courses at very attractive rates.


The MiDAS scheme is designed to make appropriate training, assessment and accreditation available for voluntary sector organisations, local authorities, care providers and educational establishments.


The Community Transport Association, of which GCT is a member, operates MiDAS throughout the United Kingdom. 


There are many benefits of MiDAS training including:

- enhanced passenger safety

- improved passenger comfort

- increased driver confidence and reduced driver stress

- potential reduction in vehicle running costs

- potential reduction in insurance premiums

- a better image for the bus operating organisation

- a better image for minibus travel


MiDAS for Minibus Drivers

Course objectives are that minibus drivers will:

- be assessed to ensure that their driving skills are of an acceptable standard

- be given help where necessary to improve their minibus driving skills

- be aware of the legal, practical and safety issues surrounding minibus driving

- be trained in the safe use of wheelchair accessible minibuses where necessary
- receive a a certificate that is accepted by other MiDAS members


Drivers who successfully complete a basic MiDAS training course receive a certificate which documents their competence to drive standard (non-wheelchair accessible) minibuses. The certificate number starts with the letters SD (Standard Driver).

Completion of a supplementary course gains drivers a certificate which documents their competence to drive wheelchair accessible minibuses. This certificate starts with the letters AD (Accessible Driver).

A Standard Driver certificate can be upgraded to an Accessible Driver certificate at any time simply by taking the additional training.


The MiDAS for Minibus Course includes some classroom elements and some practical elements.

The classroom session looks at:

- legal requirements for minibus drivers

- driving for safety and economy

- passenger safety and comfort

- child passenger safety

- personal safety for drivers

- breakdown, accident and emergency procedures

There is a short multiple-choice test on these subjects

This is followed by a driving assessment which includes:

- an eyesight test

- basic vehicle familiarisation

- a demonstration and commentary drive

- driving familiarisation

- driving assessment


Standard Driver and Accessible Driver certificates  are valid for 4 years after which drivers must undertake a refresher course.


The fee for the Standard Driver course with GCT is £100.

The Refresher course fee is £75.

The additional Accessible Driver course fee is £50.

For drivers only doing the Accessible Driver course with GCT the course fee is £75.


GCT runs courses regularly.

For  course dates and booking please email or call 01644 420374.

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