Membership of Galloway Community Transport is open a wide range of community and social groups and organisations.

Membership is required in order to hire GCT vehicles with or without a GCT driver.

GCT Terms & Conditions of Membership & Hire

1. Registration

1.1 All users of Galloway Community Transport (GCT) vehicles must be registered members of GCT.

Membership registration entails submitting to GCT a completed GCT User Membership Form (download by clicking the PDF icon below) and payment of the registration fee.





1.2 The membership registration fee is £20.00 for twelve months.


1.3 The term of membership starts on the date the membership is registered with GCT and expires twelve calendar months later

1.4 GCT reserves the right to refuse or cancel a membership.

2. Drivers

2.1 Only drivers registered with GCT are permitted to drive GCT vehicles. Driver registration entails submitting to GCT a completed GCT Driver Registration Form along with a photocopy of the driver’s licence and current MiDAS certificate. There is no fee for driver registration.

2.2 At the time of driving any GCT vehicle a driver must hold a current, full UK driving licence with no more than 6 penalty points. A category D1 endorsement is also required to drive GCT vehicles with more than 8 passenger seats.

2.3 All GCT registered drivers must hold a current MiDAS Certificate.

2.4 Anyone driving GCT vehicles must be over 25 years of age and have held a full driving licence for at least five years.

2.5 Drivers aged 70 years and over must renew their licence as appropriate in order to continue driving GCT vehicles. To drive vehicles with more than 8 passenger seats drivers must also renew their category D1 entitlement.

2.6 It is the responsibility of member to provide a GCT registered driver when they wish to use a GCT vehicle or to arrange with GCT for the provisions of a GCT driver.

3. Bookings and Hire Fees

3.1 Hire bookings must be made with the GCT administrator

- by telephone (01644 420374 or 07841 512449)

- by email (

- by post/in person at Catstrand, High Street, New Galloway, Castle Douglas, DG7 3RN. CatStrand is open Monday to Friday between 10.00 and 1600.

3.2 For a hire booking to be confirmed the following information must be provided to GCT:

- Member name

- Member contact name, telephone number and email address

- Hire start time

- Hire finish time

- Brief journey details

- Driver name and contact telephone number (preferably a mobile phone) or if a GCT driver is required

- Passenger pickup and drop off points and times

3.3 Hire fees for GCT vehicles are as follows:

- £15 for the first six hours of the hire.

- After the first 6 hours £3 per hour up to a maximum of £45 per 24 hour period.

- In addition to the hire fee mileage will be charged at £0.50 per mile. The mileage charge includes fuel.

- Drivers provided by GCT will be charged at £10 per hour from 0800 to 2200 and £15 per hour from 2200 to 0800.

3.4 The AllStar fuel card kept in the driver’s folder on each GCT vehicle should be used for refuelling wherever possible.

If it is necessary to refuel where AllStar fuel cards are not accepted, this should be noted on the logsheet along with the value of the fuel purchased. A receipt should be obtained and attached to the logsheet. The driver or member will be reimbursed based on the receipt.

3.5 Hire charges will be reviewed and may be altered at the discretion of GCT.

4. Cancellation of Hire Bookings

4.1 Confirmed bookings may be cancelled without charge up to 5 days before the scheduled hire start time.

4.2 Cancellations up to 48 hours before the scheduled hire start time will incur a cancellation fee of £10.

4.3 Cancellations less than 48 hours before the scheduled hire start time will incur a cancellation fee of £20.

4.4 GCT reserves the right to refuse or to cancel a hire booking at its discretion.

5. Payment

5.1 Invoices for hires should be paid within four weeks of date on the invoice.

5.2 If invoices are not paid promptly GCT may refuse to hire to the member again and membership may be cancelled.

6. Keys

6.1 It is the responsibility of the driver or member to pick up the keys for a hired vehicle as arranged with the GCT Administrator.

6.2 Keys must be returned as arranged with the GCT Administrator at the end of the hire.

7. Vehicle Checks

7.1 It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that the vehicle is in suitable condition to drive and drivers should allow 10 minutes before the scheduled departure time to complete the vehicle checks outlined on the logsheet.

7.2 Particular attention should be paid to the fuel gauge to ensure that there is sufficient fuel for the planned journey.

8. Driver’s Logsheets

8.1 Completion of a driver’s log sheet for every journey is mandatory. Failure to do so could result in future hires being refused.

9. Responsibilities of drivers and user groups

9.1 Drivers should be familiar with and comply with the law and best practice regarding driving minibuses.

9.2 GCT does not accept liability for loss or injury caused by actions of the user group and/or driver.

9.3 Any parking ticket, speeding fine or other such liability incurred during a hire is the responsibility of the driver or member.

9.4 The security of the vehicle is the responsibility of the driver for the duration of the hire. When unattended, the vehicle should be locked at all times.

9.5 Smoking and the consumption of alcohol is not permitted in GCT vehicles at any time.

9.6 Although vehicles are cleaned regularly by GCT users are expected to ensure that the bus is kept clean and tidy. A dustpan and brush is provided and should be used to remove all rubbish at the end of the hire.

9.7 If a vehicle is untidy before the start of the hire this should be noted on the logsheet.

9.8 The cleanliness of the vehicle will be strictly monitored. Membership may be withdrawn from members who repeatedly returning vehicles in an untidy or dirty condition.

9.9 Members and drivers must ensure safe and clean storage of vehicle seats removed to accommodate wheelchairs. Seats must be securely refitted after hire.

9.10 As indicated on the driver’s logsheet, vehicles should be returned with the fuel tank at least half full by the fuel gauge whenever possible.

10. Breakdowns

10.1 GCT vehicles have full breakdown cover. Details of procedures and contact information are given in the driver’s folder in each vehicle.

10.2 Drivers should not attempt repairs to the vehicle (including changing wheels after a puncture) but should follow the procedures described in the driver’s folder.

11. Collisions and Other Damage to Vehicles

11.1 Any damage from previous use should be recorded on the driver’s logsheet and reported to the GCT Administrator IMMEDIATELY by telephoning 07841 512449 or 01644 420374.

11.2 In the event of any incident involving injury to a person or damage to property during a hire the procedure described in the driver’s folder should be followed.

11.3 Members will be liable for any insurance excess incurred as a result of damage for which they are responsible during a hire.

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