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GCT organises excursions to places of interest throughout the year, though most are in the summer months.

We welcome suggestions for excursions destinations.

For more information about advertised excursions, suggestions and bookings please call 01644 420374 or email

See below for our recent and upcoming excursions.

Please note:

Seats must be booked in advance online OR in person at CatStrand OR by phone 01644 420374.

Admission prices are correct at the time of publication.

In addition to the pickup points/ times listed further pickups can be arranged if they are on the route. Please phone to enquire.



The Botanic Garden - Saturday 30th September
Walled garden filled with brilliant autumn colour, while striking trees, bamboos and ferns flourish in the woods. This garden contains plants from around the world and benefits from the warming effects of the Gulf Stream. Café and garden centre. Wheelchair accessible. Entry to gardens: £8:00 (£7:00 for seniors)
Bus Fare £12:00
Click here to buy BUS TICKETS ONLY

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