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Galloway Community Transport (GCT) is a forward-looking, not-for-profit, community transport provider based in New Galloway and operating throughout Kirkcudbrightshire and further afield. GCT is a subsidiary of Glenkens Community & Arts Trust.


GCT provides minibus-based community transport services (including registered services and GCT’s own local bus services; school buses; excursions etc) and a car-based patient transport service (in partnership with the Scottish Ambulance Service). GCT operates an electric car for small group journeys.


GCT has around 90 member organisations which hire vehicles and drivers for a wide range of purposes.

We also offer Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme (MiDAS) training courses for new GCT drivers and for GCT member organisations' drivers.


Current GCT initiatives include an ebike club, linking the Glenkens communities, and seeking funding for a community car club.


Code of Conduct 


Galloway Community Transport (GCT) seeks to provide a welcoming, engaging and supportive environment for all people involved in our work. We welcome everyone, regardless of their gender, ability (visible and hidden disabilities), age, ethnicity, size, class, religion, culture and sexuality.  

Abuse of or discrimination against our staff, drivers, volunteers and passengers for any reason will not be tolerated. 


All GCT staff, drivers, volunteers and passengers can expect to be treated professionally and with respect. If any individual does not experience this, then please contact the GCT Manager on 07841 512449 or, or contact the GCAT Executive Manager via the CatStrand.  




We have a zero-tolerance approach towards any kind of aggressive or invasive behaviour on all our GCT services. This includes but is not limited to: 


  • Making offensive comments about people. We expect everyone to always show consideration and to be aware of how our actions and language might affect the people around us. 

  • Discriminating against people based on their gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race or religion. 

  • Threatening people or continuing to engage with them when they have been asked not to, or have been ignored.  

  • Touching people without their permission. 

  • Refusing to follow the instructions of the drivers regarding health, safety or wellbeing issues.  

  • Not accepting when a complaint has been effectively investigated and closed out.  

Being intoxicated is not an acceptable excuse for any of the above behaviour.  


What we expect of our staff, drivers, volunteers and passengers 


  • Think about the language you use. Many common expressions use sexist, homophobic or even racist terms. 

  • Do not make assumptions about anyone’s gender, sexual orientation, abilities, ethnicity or life experiences. 

  • Some people ask to be spoken to and about using specific personal pronouns like she, her, he, him, they and them. Please respect this.  

  • If someone is being offensive, please tell a member of GCT staff as above.  

  • If someone challenges you about your behaviour, do not become defensive. Listen, think and learn. 

  • Respect other people’s boundaries. Ask before touching someone or talking about their personal life. 

Passengers not following this Code of Conduct will be warned in the first instance and may then be refused onward travel. We reserve the right to ban individuals from GCT services for serious or repeated breaches of this Code. Repeat instances will result in membership with GCT being rescinded. 


Staff, volunteers or drivers not following this Code will be managed through the GCT / GCAT Line Management systems.  

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